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Arihant Precious Metals

Arihant Precious Metals differentiates itself from its competitors with its strategy to focus on making physical bullion investment accessible and flexible to the individual, at market-competitive rates.

In 2018, Arihant Precious Metals officially launched AIPM Live!, providing investors with the ability to buy and sell their precious metals holdings anytime, based on current spot prices with narrow spreads. It is the first spot deliverable, physically backed Gold, Silver and Platinum platform in Kingdom of Bahrain.

The organization has an integral role of being the connection and promotion of bullion market on an international scale.

Our Mission

Our mission and objective is to educate and help buyers to be victorious in their investments of Gold. We offer the latest in trends and technology to enhance and optimize efficiency for all members of the Arihant ecosphere by providing all market participants, from miner to consumer, with direct wholesale bullion market access, optimizing the trading and investment activities of all.

"We are committed to maximizing ease and convenience to invest in precious metals through reliable holistic investment precious metal products and services".

About Us

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